Bath safety bars and other bathroom safety tips for seniors

Are you here to know about various safety tips for seniors? Are you thinking of installing a bath safety bar or you want to convert your bathtub into a shower? If so, then you have come to the right place! Today, we are going to share the top safety tips that can help you ensure maximum protection for your older family members in the bathroom.

Did you know that according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, over 114,000 people suffered injuries in the house in 2017? It's important to take safety measures for every room of the house when you have a senior or someone with limited mobility in your family, and one of the most dangerous places in the house is the bathroom. Falling in the bathroom could result in pain, bruises, hematomas, severe fractures, and in the worst scenarios, even death. The solution to this is of course: Improving accessibility in the bathroom.

Thousands of aged people every year suffer from chronic conditions resulted from tripping and falling in the bathroom. But worry no more, we are here with some fantastic safety tips that will improve the safety levels in your bathroom to make it more accessible for you and your family.

Installing a Bath Safety Bar:

Have you ever thought about installing a bath safety bar in your bathroom? This is one of the best options to ensure maximum safety while moving around in the bathroom. This tool can act as a support while getting in or out of the tub or using the toilet. It will be there for them to grab to avoid falling. So yes, in some cases it can be extremely beneficial for the elders or anyone with limited mobility.

Walk-in shower with bath safety bar installed.

Convert Your Bathtub Into a Shower:

Do your elders prefer showers over baths? Do you have a senior at home who is having troubles entering the bathtub to take a bath due to the high profile of the tub? Do you have an old bathtub or looking for an option to give a new look to it? Well, no matter whatever the reason is, converting your bathtub into a shower or walk-in shower can improve the safety level of your bathroom. Additionally, it can also give your bathroom a new and aesthetic look.

Bathtub after a walk-in shower conversion

Install Non-Slip Surfaces:

Did you know that many bathroom injuries are caused by slippery surfaces? This is one of the biggest hazards in your bathroom. The best way to prevent this is to install anti-slip grips on the bathtub or shower floor to improve safety. You can also remove scatter rugs because these can increase the chances of slipping and falling.

Remove Obstacles:

Don’t leave anything unnecessary in the bathroom. This way, you can ensure safety. Just remove any items on the floor that might cause someone to trip or slip.

Improve Visibility:

It is a crucial point to ponder! Moving around the house or bathroom at night can be a dangerous task when there isn’t any or not enough lighting, especially for those older adults who experience frequent urination. So by installing night lights, you can ensure their maximum safety and can lessen the chances of tripping or slipping and falling.

If you're interested in bathroom safety and accessibility, and want to make life easier for your seniors or family members with limited mobility, take a look at our products.