Benefits Of A Bathtub To Step-In Shower Conversion

Before and after bathtub to step-in shower conversion
Step-in shower conversion before & after

Hey, are you here to learn about the benefits of bathtub conversion to step-in shower? Do you want to convert your bathtub into a shower? Well, Shower Safe is here to get this job done. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for doing a bathroom conversion to step-in shower. We know you only want to give convenience and safety to your loved ones. So whether you are opting for this option because you have an elder with mobility issues, or for someone who is in post-operative condition, a bathtub conversion to step-in shower is the best option to avoid accidents. Converting your bathtub into a shower is not a difficult task. It can be done very quickly, without mess, disturbance, and most importantly, at affordable rates.

So let’s find out about the benefits of doing a bathtub conversion to step-in shower.

Utmost Safety:

Firstly, bathtub conversion to step-in shower offers you maximum safety. If the elder finds it challenging to step in a bathtub, with the help of an accessible low-profile tub, you can reduce the chances of tripping and falling.


Did you know that converting your bathtub into a shower can be done within an hour? You don't have to worry about remodeling your bathroom or go for costly renovation plans. We are here to provide you with an affordable hassle-free experience with our services.

Simple and Elegant:

What is the best benefit of a bathtub conversion to step-in shower? Well, the convenience it offers to seniors and people with limited mobility, the aesthetic it gives to the overall look of the bathroom. Along with this, the conversion process has 0% impact on the existing plumbing system, tiles, and walls, etc. It is a super-fast cutting section process of a tub where capping is done to it give a final finish. The bathtub conversion process is simple, and provides an elegant new look to the bathroom. So this option should both make your bath safe and accessible, and give it a fresh and new look.

An Affordable Option:

What makes Shower Safe the best option when it comes to accessibility? The answer is affordability. Unlike traditional renovation options, our bathtub to step-in shower conversion process costs far less and doesn't involve any unnecessary steps, additionally we don't do subcontracts and every insert is custom made by our own family business.


Now you can convert your dangerous bathtub into an accessible shower for your elders to ensure maximum safety. When you decide to do a bathtub conversion to step-in shower, we assure you it will not compromise your already installed plumbing system or tiling. Shower Safe always guarantees ultimate satisfaction with a professional bathtub conversion.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our products and get our professional services now, and avoid the risk of tripping and falling in the bathroom.